Dude Perfect Archery Fun

Dude Perfect Archery DIY Tricks

Here's the latest fun video From The Dude Perfect Crew.

Doing near impossible feats of skill these guys have turned fun into a business.

Why do their videos go viral?

They come up with crazy ideas for having fun with various sports. But there are other things at work here too. They are always enthusiastic in the extreme. Are you that enthusiastic about your business? Do you like enthusiastic people. If you were enthusiastic about what you do would your customer's attitudes towards your company change?

Celebration. Have you noticed they celebrate their victories. How many tries do you think it takes to make those shots. They sure do celebrate success though. The question is — Do you celebrate your successes? And would others be more attracted to you if you did?

Food for thought.

Watch the Dude Perfect Guys do their trick shots and have fun.


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