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Malcolm Gladwell David and Goliath

The Real Story Of David And Goliath

Malcolm Gladwell Tells This Old Story With True Understanding Most of us think about this as a story of an underdog defeating an over powering adversary. Nothing could be further from ...

Things In Life Happen For A Reason

An Inspirational Video “Everything Happens For A Reason” I came across this video, a few short paragraphs by an unknown author put to inspiring music and some awesome images. An ...

Music For You Jedi Adventures

Just for fun I like Star Wars and Camille and Kennerly's Masterful music. enchanting costumes  and great video work. So the next time you go on one of those Jedi adventures – ...

Entrepreneurs Changing The World

An Interesting Little Video With Numerous Lessons For Aspiring Entrepreneurs If your an entrepreneur at heart, this is a fun video to watch  

Learn More About 3D Printing

What Can You Use A 3D Printer For? Explore the endless possibilities of 3D printing when coupled with imagination and inspiration! .   .  How to design moving parts with TinkecCad . . 3D ...

Do You Nap While You Travel?

Here Is A New Travel Accessory Designed To Allow You Sweet Dreams An interesting doohickie I found while reading the Huffington Post today. We've seen some truly bizarre travel doohickies ...

A New Way To Watch Fireworks

You Can't Get much Closer Than This . . BE SURE TO WATCH IN HD! Flying through a firework show with a DJI Phantom 2 and filming it with a GoPro Hero 3 silver. The quad was not damaged

Just For Fun Teamwork

Office Rowing Team .   . Now Here's Teamwork . . More Teamwork . .    

My Favorite Hobby

The Silence Of Soaring To New Heights I was out at the Cu Nim Gliding Club for their Canada day get together a couple of days ago, and was fortunate to get a flight with an old friend ...
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