14 Lessons Learned From Biking

Life is like riding a bicycle, you have to keep moving

Biking Was A Way Of Life For Those Of Us Who Grew Up In The Country

It was a 2 mile ride to public school. A mile one direction to Joe's house and 3/4 of a mile the opposite direction to visit Rick. Jake's corner store was a mile away and when Joe moved to the city it was a 5 mile trip. Biking was just a natural every day activity.

Life is like riding a bicycle, you have to keep moving


Fast forward 20 years, mountain bike became all the rage. Of course I had to get one. Biking the city pathways was fun and the occasional trip to the mountains west of Calgary, it was always exciting to be biking a back country trails. So I can identify closely with this article about the lesson's learned from biking by Michael Tayor:

Maybe it's not about the bike, and really you can see everything from wherever you are. You get a little open space around you, and there it all is. Or maybe it's because there's something extra special about my latest ride up the Hudson River out of New York. Either way, here are my top 14 things I've learned about life from my time on the bike.

1. You don't know where someone has been, or where they're going.

So don't bother with how fast anybody else is moving. Keep your own pace. Your ride is your ride.

2. You don't know what's going on in someone else's body or mind.

Sometimes people will pass you like you're moving backward. Then they'll flop on the next hill, you fly by and never see them again. Don't ever worry. Do your own thing.

3. It's more fun when you help people.

Let them draft off you. Change a tire. Give them your extra banana (see #4). Pull everyone along.

4. Always carry an extra banana.

You never know when you'll need it. See #3.

5. If someone wants to pass you, help them pass.

Move to the side. Congratulate them on their excellent riding! They're feeling strong. You might not care later on, but if you want to pass them back, just keep doing the work. You'll get your chance.

6. You're not going to feel your strongest all the time.

Don't fight with that. Be strong when you're feeling strong, go easy when you're not. One way or the other, just go.

7. You can fight your way up hills, or you can happy your way up them.

I've watched enough people fight hard when things get tough to know it's better the other way. Stay happy and relaxed, especially when things get challenging.

8. Sometimes you'll ride in a group, sometimes with one person, and sometimes you'll be on your own.

It's OK, all of it.

9. Sometimes you get dropped by the pack.”

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Are you a biker?

What life lessons have you learned?

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